one of my dogs just died :((((((


i never liked my name much

until i heard u saying it

while we were doing them thangs

Anonymous: I dont know if the other ask sent but if not wats your opinion on cultural appropriation of bindis like do u think it is a big deal or people making a drama out of

haha sorry i get a few asks that i just cbf answering but if you’re not Hindu or indian/from that area of south asia etc don’t bother like if it offends ppl does ur white ass really need to


australian government: work for the dole

australian government: oh wait by work we mean apply for 40 jobs a month and do 25 hours of community service per week but we still won’t pay you for six months, good luck if yr a single parent, undereducated, disabled or in any other way disadvantaged btw we have no jobs lol

in less than a year i’ll be back in my favourite cities in europe!!! i’ll go to paris and florence and barcelona and amsterdam and i’ll find plenty of new favourite places too