drake tryna get up from the chair after nicki leaves


my justifications for spending money on shit i don’t need are so ridiculous like the other day i bought a skirt because i was all “hey good thing i’m not into horses, otherwise i’d spend all my hard earned $$ on brushes and bridles and horse stuff so i’m actually saving a lot of money here and i can therefore spend it on a skirt”



pros and cons to having boobs:

-finding tops/dresses which fit
-the lying on ur front issue
-wrapping urself in a towel (harder than it sounds)
-they get cold in the bath bc theyre not in the water
-back ache ow
-swimming costumes and bikinis
-“my eyes are up here”
-running. like jfc
-pAiNN during periods

-squishy squish

The pros outweigh the cons honestly


Ferguson is not an isolated example of the US importing foreign policy onto domestic soil. Its the result of 400 years of perpetual brutality and siege on Black America. This is not a reenactment of Iraq, this is Jim Crow in a 21st century neoliberal age.

It would be of sincere…

yeah nah fuck those snotty white kids from my childhood that used the word Asian as an insult and a synonym for ugly y’all ruined my self esteem as a kid

even tho it was art i actually did homework tonight!! congratulate me!! 99 atar here i come!!